Used worldwide
by millions of people

Homeopathy has been in use for over 200 years and is a complete  system of natural-based medicine that works in harmony with the body, helping to restore health on all levels, looking at the whole person—mental, emotional and physical.

The main governing principle of homeopathy is the Law of Similars which dates back to Hippocrates, regarded as the “Father of Medicine”, who once stated that what causes a symptom may also help the body to restore – Like Cures Like.

  • Safe

  • Gentle

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy to Take

  • Not Tested on Animals

Classical Homeopathy

The Single Remedy
The Minimum Dose
The Law of Similars

Homeopathy may be used as a stand-alone approach and is complimentary to chiropractic, massage and acupuncture.

Unbiased Observer

Each person is treated individually and their body, mind and emotions are all considered important in finding the most appropriate homeopathic remedy. A full history of symptoms and personal level of health are also carefully observed.

Fit for King and Queen

King George VI was an avid user of homeopathy and granted royal title to the London Homeopathic Hospital. Later the title was changed to the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital. Recently in 2010, its name was changed to the Royal London Hospital for Integrative Medicine, still keeping the royal designation. Queen Elizabeth II has been a long-time supporter of homeopathy.