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Chiropractic, Neural Organization Technique, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Scenar and Massage work with the body to support vital function and natural healing.

All our registered practitioners use a range of techniques to help reduce pain, improve function and increase mobility.

Helena Valley Chiropractic
3b 160 Scott Street
Helena Valley 6056
Western Australia

Call +61 (08) 9255-1052
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Chiropractors are covered under the Medicare Benefit Schedule, Workers Compensation, ICWA and DVA claims. X-rays bulk-billed.

Should you require an X-ray, MRI scan or further testing, we offer a quick, efficient and local referral service. A chiropractic consultation is required for this referral.

We acknowledge your body has potential to heal itself. Our aim is to help you reach and maintain an optimal level of well-being.

We can support with blood-type diets and therapeutic exercises, providing guidance for you and your family to live a more happy and healthy life.


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